Instead of removing a lung, the windpipe transplant was the solution, and this occurred in Spain.  Once the donor was located the physicians went to work with stripping off all its cells, leaving only a tube of connective tissue and next used a device to put the new cartilage and tissue in place.  The nice part is that the patient is not having to take any immune-suppressing drugs too. 

Stem cell research at it’s best for the patient who has been suffering from tuberculosis for years. BD 

(AP) -- Doctors have given a woman a new windpipe with tissue grown from her own stem cells, eliminating the need for anti-rejection drugs. "This technique has great promise," said Dr. Eric Genden, who did a similar transplant in 2005 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. That operation used both donor and recipient tissue. Only a handful of windpipe, or trachea, transplants have ever been done. If successful, the procedure could become a new standard of treatment, said Genden, who was not involved in the research. The results were published online Wednesday in the medical journal, The Lancet.image

Doctors transplant windpipe with stem cells


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