If  Viagra(R) and Cialis(R) are not doing the trick, the study from Johns Hopkins is positive for the vacuum device, actually there were 4 studies to be sure.  It states to be used as a supplement, but there’s nothing stating it could not be used on it’s own.image

It is reimbursed by Medicare and several insurers.   The units can be ordered via phone and available at some retail drug stores.  BD 

The ErecAid System uses vacuum therapy, a proven method that is easy to learn and easy to use. After just a few practice sessions, most first-time users feel entirely comfortable with the System. Should you need a little more time to get comfortable with the Erecaid System, there is no time pressure. We offer a 90-Day Money Back Return Policy.

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Plethora Solutions Holdings PLC ("Plethora", AIM: PLE), the specialist developer of products for the treatment and management of urological disorders, announces results of a study confirming the role its product, ErecAid(R), as a supplemental first line treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). ErecAid(R) is marketed through Plethora's US subsidiary, Timm Medical Technologies, Inc. ("Timm Medical", Minneapolis, MN). The phosphodiesterase five inhibitors (PDE5i) such as Viagra(R) and Cialis(R) have become a major resource in the management of ED. Unfortunately, 30-50% of men report inadequate results with these oral medications. When patients fail to respond to the oral medications, physicians are often forced to consider more invasive and more complicated second line agents such as penile injections or urethral suppositories.image

According to Dr. Arthur Burnett, Professor of Urology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the lead investigator of this trial, "This study confirms an earlier trial that many patients can achieve excellent results using ErecAid(R) as an addition to oral PDE5i therapy. Based upon these results, I would encourage physicians treating ED to consider the importance of this approach in their treatment protocols and to discuss this option with their patients."

New Study Confirms the Role of ErecAid(R) as Supplemental First Line Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

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