This is just one more thought here and with IT budgets being back burnered and cut at the upper levels, if you are in a medical practice, some of the technology may be put on hold, so if you want to have credible records at the office for no cost, try the PHR and educate patients.

Even if you do not have an electronic medical records system, you can still view, print and even transfer information to a Word document to get you by until an EHR or EMR is affordable. It sure beats the heck out all the paperwork too of having to ask patients to fill all of that information in over and over.

When you think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to have an entire records of a patient’s medications that have been imported from one of the drug stores? Sure it would and also, wouldn’t it be nice to have the information sent to a specialist too with the patient opting to share? Sure that would be great also. Wouldn’t it also be nice to see a record of blood pressure readings or glucose readings that have been added by a device you can buy at the drug store that is certified to work with MS HealthVault? Again, credible information for free.

If you are waiting for your place of work to begin with an integrated medical record system and things are put off, help yourself and patients too, and again it is free for all. The pilot Medicare program for Arizona and Utah seniors starts January 1st, so there is one big push here, why, it is free and just costs a little time to learn how to use it and benefit, you will be miles down the road and it will help avert medical errors with credible information at your fingertips. BD


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