New products from cameras, printers and monitors can now make surgery room high definition from Sony.  There’s a short video at the site with a couple examples and the inside of the body certainly looks a lot different.  Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey was the site of a case study.  The system has been used to credential new surgeons.  The pathology connection allows the surgeon to have a pathologist present. 

If a pathologist is not available, televideo can do the connection remotely for one to participate over the web.  Many surgeons already take pictures and this now can be expanded easily to video.  Won’t be long before everything we do is on video for that matter.


One HD camera is mounted high so that the entire surgery room can be seen and it can be controlled either within the surgery room or remotely.  The televideo capabilities also bring in the option of an immediate 2nd opinion.  All at the case study agreed that specimen management and information exchange is certainly an expedited process with the system. 

Universal Connectivity and Compatibiity
Multiple video input formats enable compatibility to all surgical systems manufacturers: HD-SDI, DVI-D, SDI, YPbPr, RGB, S-Video, or composite Connects to DICOM or non-DICOM networks (interfaces directly with DICOM Worklist server) Captures still and video images in either high definition or standard definition Compatible with any printer and includes built-in drivers for Sony digital color printers

Superb Usability
Three open USB ports for ancillary devices. Portable media for both SD and HD for immediate playback; SD: Burn CD/DVDs or save to USB storage device HD: Burn Blu-ray discs or save to USB storage device HD: Save to CompactFlash for instant playback on Sony PlayStation 3 or PC equipped with CF card reader and Windows® media player

The HD capture system also converts dicom images etc. to Power Point Presentations.  We have HD at home, so why not in the surgery room where it really counts.  BD 


Heading up its new range is the company’s first ever medical HD camera, the MPW-10MD HD, which offers unparalleled image quality for high-precision surgical applications. It is the first model of its kind to use full HD 1/2 CMOS sensors rather than the industry standard 1/3 CCD models.


The company has also unveiled the smallest A4 dye sublimation printer on the market with its UP-DR80MD model, designed specifically for medical applications and particularly suited to endoscopy.


Also launched was the UP-DF750 FilmStation, a versatile multi-format imager for radiography and mammography applications and the LMD-3250MD, a full 32” medical grade LCD monitor designed for endoscopic, surgical reference and educational applications.


  1. The Sony FilmStation imager was designed with a built-in Dicom 3.0 interface that can be accessed using a Windows™ Laptop with an internet browser, making installation fast and simple. This interface also features an e-mail notification system that can automatically send out an e-mail when the FilmStation unit has a technical problem.


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