This is a great post, and something I was going to write about as well, but the author here has saved me some time and covers the point well, just how distracted are we, a lot.  Right now we have some very serious issues going on in the US, but in my small travels, I seem to find many that are just oblivious. We all have our own areas of focus, which is not a bad thing at all, but the ability to move outside those boundaries is the challenge for all. 

The media today gives us basically whatever we want and it is up to us to choose our priorities and take in some entertainment and imageperhaps some new movies, etc. without it absorbing our entire focus as we all need a break, but when the break becomes the focus is the danger zone and thus we grow further fragmented with an even bigger job of trying to get our focus back.  Stop and think for a day as to how much “nonsense” we take in and it’s a lot, and I am saying this as a whole, not breaking down any individual groups or interests.  Celebrity stories, online games, etc. are always there but it is up to us to prioritize where they fall in to place and what the real impact will be.  

Again, distraction and distortion can come easy and creeps up on all of us, but now more than ever is the time to once in a while step back and take a look and evaluate what is really important and where the country and our thoughts are going, and perhaps see if there is time wasted or overdone in some of these areas.  I’m not the first blogger to write about this and won’t be the last, and almost on any given day you can probably find a post very similar to this one on the web as they are potentially observing the same thing.  BD 

The American historian and educator Daniel Boorstin once wrote, “Time makes heroes but dissolves celebrities.”

We have just experienced an historic presidential campaign of unprecedented proportions, our economy is in peril, our military struggles to fight two wars, and our health care system is facing impending collapse. With all of these pressing issues weighing on the hearts and minds of America’s families, what seems to be on the covers of every magazine and tabloid these days? Celebrity nonsense. Does anyone really care which teen-aged pop star will give birth next? Do we need to know every happening inside the birthday party of a power-couple’s toddler? Is the diet that worked for the soap opera star really going to work for anyone else?


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