The study is suggesting that at times it is possible for our body to heal itself, which it does with colds, flu, etc. but now breast cancer could be in the group, but not to the same extent of a cold let’s say as we are talking about something completely different as far as disease, but the study states it is possible for this to occur.  Everyone’s body is different so thus to put off any screenings would be crazy based on the report though. 

Searching through histories of mammograms show cases of such though over time, but again nothing to bank on.  Will be interesting to hear more about the study though and perhaps some scientific data on maybe what types of breast cancer could fall in to this category.  Sometimes something is on a mammogram designated to “watch” and then on the next screening is gone, but this could also be other items beyond cancer too.  I think basically the study touches on the fact that there is a possibility of our bodies healing themselves, so maybe a new awareness, but don’t bank on it when it comes to taking care of your health.  BD 

(CBS/AP) A significant portion of invasive breast cancers may regress on their own without treatment, a new study that is bound to provoke controversy suggests. The study, published Monday in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, suggested breast cancer screening may be leading to overdiagnosis of cancer, with upwards of 22 percent of cases likely to resolve themselves without treatment. Once a breast cancer is found, however, it wouldn't currently be considered ethical not to treat. So - if the theory is correct - large numbers of women may be having surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and other treatments that would never have been needed if their cancers hadn't been detected.

Radiation can do significant and permanent damage to the heart and coronary arteries. Chemotherapy can cause cognitive confusion. And surgery that involves the removal of lymph nodes can cause lymphedema, the painful swelling of the arm closest to the involved breast.

He notes some other types of cancers - prostate and recently lung - have been shown to spontaneously regress in some patients.

"The incontrovertible truth is that once you've screened a woman and you find an abnormality, you have to biopsy," she said.

Study: Breast Cancer May Regress On Own, Controversial Report Says Up To 22 Percent Of Cases May Disappear Without Treatment - CBS News

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