FinchLab is the name of the software product to be used.  We are all overwhelmed with data and sequencing is a huge amount of data to be interpreted, so the combination of the software along with the genetic machine produced by Illumina stand to make a good combination for not only speed, but also the cost of sequencing the entire human genome.  BD 

Geospiza, a Seattle-based maker of software to support biological research, said today it is hitching its wagon to San Diego-based Illumina, a rising star in next-generation gene sequencing. Geospiza is joining Illumina Connect, a sort of referral service in which researchers who buy Illumina’s gene analysis machines are advised that Geospiza software can help them sift through the resulting piles of data. It’s not guaranteed cash flow, but it’s a source of promising sales leads for privately-held Geospiza. image

The Illumina Genome Analyzer is competing with devices from Applied Biosystems, Roche, and Cambridge, MA-based Helicos Biosciences, Arnold said. Geospiza is confident that researchers will start turning to software that can help them cope with information overload from machines like Illumina’s.

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