With all the recent concern about MRSA, this article goes to show that bacteria can be living anywhere, besides the hospital.  According to the article here, he was misdiagnosed and later it turns up he had the flesh eating bacteria infection and after the fact needed quite a bit of surgery to help restore the loss.  BD 

A man whose groin was disfigured by a flesh-eating bacteria infection in prison has accepted a $300,000 settlement from the Washington Department of Corrections.

The 61-year-old man became ill in 2004 while serving time for threatening a neighbor.

By the time he was taken to a hospital, Manning had an internal abscess that required doctors to remove several pounds of flesh from his pelvic region.

Surgeons made a replacement penis with skin from his thigh.

Wash. prisons, inmate settle disfigured groin case

Hat Tip:  Boing Boing


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