This looks like a real winner here, big screen, big keys!  The phones will be available at Centennial Wireless stores in the US, but they are imagenot all over the country, pretty much in the Midwest and Southeast.  Store locations here.  The phone is already available in several other countries outside the US. 

It also can do text messaging too, so maybe some more baby boomers and seniors may enter in the world of text messaging!  It also has an ear hook to help those with hearing aids to hear more.   This is a simplified phone for those who may not want or need the whistles and bells of a more complicated phone.  BD 

Doro, the IDEA award-winning phone design company from Sweden, announces the availability in the U.S. of mobile phones designed by experts in ergonomics and in communications technology to meet the needs of consumers seeking design simplicity and functionality in mobile handsets. Two Doro HandleEasy models available in the U.S., the HandleEasy 330gsm and the HandleEasy 326i gsm, are GSM-compatible, include large easy-to-view display screens and keypads, features that baby boomers and active seniors use most, and none of the complicated features that often go unused.

Doro Launches HandleEasy 330 & 326i GSM Handsets in the U.S. - Cell Phone Digest


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