This is a real product and the price is $49.00 and simple to use, just sit on it. The film is good for a few chuckles as wellimage.  The product also boasts some additional benefits, but you can use the links to explore for more information.

There are products somewhat similar for women with breast massage and therapy products.  The page from Forbes stated if I did a preview I could possibly get a product for a full review – pass, but thought I would mention this for any other bloggers who read the post.  There are all kinds of medical products that come out all the time and I try to do my best here on keeping everyone advised.  BD 

Most men are expected to have some kind of prostate issue, and the longer they live, the more they are at risk. But that's just part of the story. Doctors recommend prostate massage as preventative and therapeutic. According to Enviromax and, prostate massage is one of the oldest and most beneficial therapies, and has been prescribed by medical doctors for centuries.

From the website:

The Prostate Cradle is easy to use: just sit on it!
gentle pressure for a stimulating massage! The
Cradle reaches underneath the pelvic arch to
stimulate the prostate & perineum areas. It works
'hands free' using a normal chair while doing
normal things like reading or using a computer.
The Cradle is discreet, no one can tell when you
are using it, and it even works over clothing. Launches the First "External Prostate Massager" by Enviromax, a Sensational... -

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