This might have a bit to say about the IT departments, or the antiquated equipment in place, but with all the large profits being made by health insurers I would guess the have invested heavily as they have with all their reporting services and claim algorithms for calculating imageclaims and approvals for coverage. 

So when does the pay kick in, after you log on to your computer after a long boot, or after you walk in the door?  Many have moved the old proverbial time clock to the computer for checking in, thus one does have to boot up their computer to accomplish this, so maybe workers are being ripped off for “booting” time, but one thing to remember though, this is a risk management business and perhaps someone along the line found a way to save money this way too!  BD

If your manager tracks your time based on when you log in and out of your machine at work, then are you missing out on pay for the time you're waiting for your machine to boot up and shut down? That's what a series of lawsuits by employees from the likes of AT&T, UnitedHealth and Cigna demand.

Law: Employees Sue to be Paid for Time Spent Booting Up


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