Understanding A2 is a big issue, as stated below, perhaps many do not understand the progress being made.  I agree with the statement made that this group’s findings and recommendations are important and the issue that education is important.  When it comes to medical records and interoperability, there is a lot to know and with the slow adaptation of medical records, the knowledge and recommendations that go along with it are lagging, PHR information included, thus I do hope the new administration goes full force to help educate consumers and healthcare on what the rewards can offer and a big part of this process begins in Congress.  BD 

The post-election political tide sweeping through Washington, D.C. threatens to wash out a newly-formed foundation for promoting health IT, Mike Leavitt, outgoing secretary of Health and Human Services, warned. In their zeal to reform health care, the incoming administration and the next Congress could abandon progress made in recent years in adopting interoperable health IT standards, suggested the secretary.

AHIC Successor, known as AHIC 2.0 or A2, succeeds the American Health Information Community, a federal advisory body established in 2005 to make recommendations about how best to accelerate adoption of interoperable health IT in a smooth, market-led way.

“A2 is probably the most important group in health care that nobody knows,” the secretary said. “What we’ve done here could be unsettled if people don’t understand it.”

Leavitt warns against losing health IT momentum


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