With collaborating with Mayo Clinic here, this gives an example of how “branding” of methodologies and information technologies serve to create additional income from the licensing of such by incorporating information from Mayo as an example to include decision making support software at the point of care, thus not having to leave the program to go to the web to search and locate needed information.

The new Digital Day One service appears to be web based and I am guessing included all the framework to integrate the hospitals and physicians.  Also mentioned is the fact that GE will be working harder to open the doors for other software to connect and integrate patient information.  There is no doubt this is the year for healthcare integration all the way from the EHR to the imagePHR.  BD 

Waukesha, Wis.-based GE Healthcare has introduced three new information technology service offerings that it developed with clients. The company's Digital Day One service is a remotely hosted and scalable version of its Centricity Enterprise clinical/financial/administrative information system. It is designed for new hospitals and physician practices being constructed in the U.S. and emerging markets. 

New consulting services are part of the package. Aspetar Hospital in Qatar and Qatar Science Foundation were pilot sites. With Intermountain Healthcare in Utah and Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, GE Healthcare has introduced a service to get published medical breakthroughs and best practices quickly to physicians at the point of care. Under the service, the vendor will update its clinical decision support systems with new treatment options developed at Intermountain and Mayo.

GE Collaborations Bear Fruit


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