Not too long ago I had stated that online personal health records may be the best way to go, and now VeriChip has also partnered with the imageHealthVault.  When you have an implanted chip, you are able to go on line and update your information, this information now will export to the HealthVault.

imageI don’t know of too many individuals who have gone this route as the healthcare facility still needs a reader to view the information on the chip as well as being in the main registry as a physician with their individual logon credentials.  The chip uses RFID technology through a “device” to bring the information to the screen of a computer, so if you decided, your PHR could have a chip connection as well.

The chip is FDA approved.  BD 


DELRAY BEACH, FL– November 17, 2008 –VeriChip Corporation (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: CHIP), a provider of radio frequency identification image(RFID) systems for healthcare and patient-related needs, today announced that its personal health record used in conjunction with its VeriMed Health Link system will be accessible through Microsoft® HealthVault™, an online platform designed to put consumers in control of their health information. Through this agreement, Health Link members will have the ability to open free HealthVault accounts and input, store, view and interact with their health data. Further, the data within Health Link members’ existing accounts will be directly accessible through their HealthVault accounts.


Scott R. Silverman, Chairman of the Company, said, “VeriChip’s strategic alliance with Microsoft provides additional benefits to our members by enabling them to seamlessly store all of their personal health records on Health Vault's robust, security-enhanced website. Furthermore, as an approved HealthVault solution provider, this agreement gives us added visibility among HealthVault’s member base. For those who have chosen our tamper-proof, safe, “always on” link to their personal health information, we believe this relationship with Microsoft is a logical expansion of our service.”


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