The Mayo Clinic has been removing gall bladders with this type of surgery, no incision and done through the mouth or other natural body orifices instead of an incision. 

This type of surgery could stand to make biopsies easier as well as perhaps removing tumors in the future.  What is being done in Californiaimage is to use a device that is high-tech stapler that's thin enough to slide down the esophagus into the stomach and is stomach stapling with no incisions.  You almost have to think with all the hospital acquired infections around today, this might stand to help with less exposure there as well.

More information can be found here on the stomach stapling here through the mouth.   

More information on the gall bladder procedure can be found here. 

Women also have another option to remove a gallbladder removed genitally and that procedures is being done in California.  BD 

Dr. Christopher Gostout remembers the first time he heard anyone suggest such a thing. He was in a roomful of doctors at a seaside resort, brainstorming about the future. Perform surgery without piercing the skin? Take out someone's appendix through the mouth?

"We all fell off our seats, laughing," he recalled.

But today Gostout is one of a handful of doctors about to start testing a new way of operating that could make the surgical scar a thing of the past.
It's called natural orifice surgery. And yes, it means using the body's natural openings - wherever they may be - as a way to reach internal organs that need a doctor's care.

The field, though, remains in its infancy. Only a few hundred people worldwide have had incision-free surgery, said Gostout, of the Mayo Clinic. So far, the most popular procedure is removing the gallbladder - a 3- to 4-inch, pear-shaped organ tucked beneath the liver.


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