This will be interesting to see which direction this may go, as today, we certainly have so many modules of code that have already been written and portions of one module could be combined with others.  Just earlier this year Mayo announced working with Microsoft Health Vault for Personal Health Records so you can almost guess which ever direction the project may lead, PHRs will be in the picture somewhere.

Just earlier this week GE had announced a web based version of their Centricity EHR/EMR will be released soon as well as their new endeavor with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with a global focus, so it has been a busy week for GE.  Johns Hopkins has signed up with Microsoft Amalga for their hospital system, which of course will integrate with the HealthVault. 


One other item that struck my curiosity was if any of the new development areas might just happen to include the Common User Interface?  Just one thought in that area since the code is already there for screens and it would sure beat starting from scratch to create something as dynamic. 

As mentioned in prior posts, hospital branding is a hot ticket today as other facilities will want to usually follow and pay for the same technologies and sciences that were developed at the main facility, thus branded facilities open up bearing the health institute name globally and add to the bottom line of income in many instances, so working with a major branded health care facility usually can’t do any harm by any means.  BD 

NEW YORK -- Industrial powerhouse General Electric Co. hopes a push into medical electronic records and information with some of the top health care institutions in the nation will put it at the front of what is expected to be a rapidly growing market. The Fairfield, Conn.-based company's health care unit plans to spend $200 million over the next five years to develop electronic systems for medical information and patient records. Its partners are among top medical institutions, including the Mayo Clinic and Montefiore Medical Center.

GE's partners on the initiative include the Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, Montefiore, and the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center.

GE, Mayo Clinic, others develop health record tech

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