We all hate that feeling of getting stuck by the needle for a shot, or inserting an IV.  The vein viewer can help take the guess work out of multiple sticks.  I posted about this device last year and the small article has had so many views it was time for an update. image

I can’t think of anyone who would not like or welcome this device by all means.  If one were a patient that required regular injections or IV set ups, this could be a real blessing, not only for the patient, but also for the clinician drawing blood and make their job a lot easier with a lot less apologies for the “dead sticks” and having to locate the vein all over.  The device is also being used for the treatment of varicose veins. 

When watching the video you can actually watch the movement inside the veins as well.  The device is on wheels and can easily be moved around a clinic or hospital.  I know I would certainly appreciate the use of one of these devices next time it’s my turn to be stuck!  BD 

The VeinViewer by Luminetx® uses a combination of near-infrared light and patented technologies to image vascular structures, thus allowing physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to clearly see accessible vasculature (or lack thereof) in real time, directly on the surface of the skin.

image The VeinViewer by Luminetx® utilizes near infrared light and patented technologies to illuminate subcutaneous vasculature by imaging their location on the surface of the skin. VeinViewer is a mobile biomedical device consisting of the following four components:

  1. Infrared light source - The light source emits a harmless, near-infrared light reflected back to the surface from the tissue surrounding the vein, while no light is reflected back from the blood inside the vessel.
  2. Digital video camera - The digital video camera captures the near-infrared light reflected back from the patient.
  3. Image processing unit - The microprocessor adds contrast and projects this image back on the skin in their actual location.
  4. Digital image projector - Using Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing™ technology, the projector displays these real-time images of the vasculature onto the surface of the skin.







Luminetx VeinViewer

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  1. That is so cool. I can't wait to get that in the office, but you just know it's going to cost $8,000!


  2. Yes I think this should be the medical device of the year, certainly popular with both patients and medical staff everywhere I would guess!


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