In addition there are applications for cardiology, obstetrics and emergency medicine.  Medical devices are getting smaller and more imageportable every day.  Mobility and healthcare are going hand in hand today with having the technology both portable and available.  BD 

The European Journal of Echocardiography* recently published a paper studying the performance of Siemens' ACUSON P10" ultrasound system at the Morriston Cardiac Centre in Swansea. Results revealed that the P10 was, within a four minute  examination, able to assess the size and function of the left ventricle in more than three quarters of cardiac patients.

"Not only is the ACUSON P10 lightweight and flexible, but this study has shown it to be both quick and accurate at providing assessment, saving what could be critical periods of time should cardiac problems arise," said Declan Dunphy, Manager of Ultrasound Products at Siemens Healthcare. "Its ability to facilitate high quality images for immediate review at the point of care will position it as a key tool in the cardiologist's day-to-day role."

Pocket-Sized Echocardiograph Provides Quick And Qualitative Assessment


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