This story and video if nothing else brings home how important it is to Wash Your Hands.  To think that the worm made it all the way to her brain is scary, but the alternative of a tumor is worse by all means as the worm was removed.

She was feeling numbness in here arms and the movement of the worm in her brain was the cause. When you watch the video you can see the removal of the worm, it is still alive and wiggling.  Undercooked food is tagged as the most likely way she had ingested the worm and it traveled to her brain.  What is also scary is the fact that the physician has removed 5 worms like this in the past few months!image

When one person is infected, the physician says it can be spread to another.  The family had just cancelled their insurance 3 weeks prior due to tough economic times.  She did have some temporary damage in the fact that she had to learn to walk again and the left side of her head lacks some feelings and is numb.  This also sends a bit of a flat to the FDA too on how important standards are on the food and drugs we ingest.  Again, I go back to the automation processes that could be done in many areas to remotely inspect foods and drugs and report back to a bank of servers, we do everything else remotely so inspecting food and drugs should be right up there at the top!

A process of such may not have helped here as we don’t know exactly where the worm came from, but again any automated processed to report back the conditions of food and drug lots at the factory level before packaging continues certainly can’t hurt.  The technology is there and new algorithms can be written, but whether or not we are ready to accept and move forward remains to be seen.  BD 

Watch the video and report from the doctor here. 


The picture below shows her scar. 


Doctors in Arizona thought a Phoenix-area woman had a possible brain tumor, but it turned out there was something else penetrating her brain – a worm.

Rosemary Alvarez started experiencing numbness in her arm and blurred vision. She went to the emergency room twice and had a cat scan, but everything came up clear, reported.

It wasn’t until doctors took a closer look at an MRI that they discovered something very disturbing. Doctors removed the worm and don't believe Alvarez will have any lingering health problems. No one knows exactly where she picked up the worm –- doctors said worms can come from eating undercooked pork or spread by people who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, according to the report.,2933,455067,00.html

Thanks for Additional information provided by Dr. Tim Sturgill (his blog can be found here)


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  1. I am surprised by the photos and videos is very painful the tumor thank for the information


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