Desmond Tutu was doing the same thing this week for developing countries with his call to action.  BD 

” Partridge, president and chief executive of Vital Wave Consulting (Palo Alto, Calif.), says interoperability so far has failed in the U.S. because multitudes of competing interests have not fully embraced such principles. “The developing world can learn a lot from [the mistakes of] the developed world,” Partridge says.”

Senators Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) have requested the Government Accountability Office study best practices used by hospitals, states and other nations to reduce health care costs and improve quality. GAO is an investigatory agency of Congress. Conrad is chair of the Senate Budget Committee. Sheldon, a strong advocate of federal action to accelerate health information technology adoption, is a committee member.

The senators ask that the GAO study include an identification of best practices and the extent to which they can be adopted on a wide scale. "In preparation for congressional action on health reform, it would be helpful to understand how these best practices, whether from the states, integrated delivery systems or other countries, can be applied to the system as a whole," the letter states.

Senators Seek Study on Best Practices


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