Speech recognition is getting to be more prevalent all the time, on your phone or on your computer.  This is a bit different as it is using human employees or contractors to type in what you say, but with Nuance coming in, perhaps some changes in technology could be in the future.  BD  image

Speech recognition company Nuance has acquired Jott, a company that lets you use your voice to create notes, set reminders, send email and text messages.

We wrote about Jott when it first launched two years ago, and praised it for its simplicity and ease of use. Jott continued to evolve, allowing you to do things like post things to web sites, and use any mobile device to do so — again, all by voice. It transcribes what you say by having people in India type down what you say into text.


Nuance acquires Jott, the simple voice-to-text mobile phone service | VentureBeat

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