This should be of interest to all in healthcare and many businesses already us Citrix anyway so this should be a good fit.  All the major mobile platforms are covered, IPhone, Android, Windows Mobile. image The video shows how SharePoint is used on an Ipad.  All data is encrypted.  It is working in a “secure container”.  This reminds me of going back to setting policies for Outlook Exchange, which has all of this via using Microsoft products but this brings in all mobile devices used in the Enterprise.  This is really good for Androids. 

Traffic is compressed to make transport faster.  You can set policy as an admin to disallow, print, copy, forward and so forth so secure company documents are not going outside the system.  Oh gosh I’m having active directory flash backs and group policy:)  Data can be set to expire at a certain time.  The good deal here too is that users get to work in the native environment so there’s no strange looking new screens, etc.  The second video shows how email with SharePoint works.  BD

Citrix announced that it is acquiring Zenprise, a Redwood City, Calif.-based provider for mobile device management.

Specifically, Citrix intends to integrate Zenprise's resources with its CloudGateway enterprise mobility management platform and Me@Work mobile app family.

During a conference call on Wednesday, executives from both companies repeatedly stressed what a great match this makes.

However, Pandey acknowledged that "most of these devices, at the end of the day, are untrusted."

"As these applications continue to gain momentum inside of the enterprise, the management of these apps becomes a real headache," Pandey admitted.

Thus, the objective with this merger is to offer a stack of layered management platforms, with mobile device management at the base, followed by apps, documents and so on.


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