I keep talking about studies and figuring out the difference between the good stuff and the exaggerated spun marketing stuff.  That is what makes this video so funny!   This guy likes his beer andimage what he’s saying about too much running, sure that could happen to anyone and it’s the old rule about going beyond moderation with anything but is case is funny.  So beer has some really important properties but as he says 30 beers a day will about do it:)  Next time you see one of those somewhat ridiculous studies think about this video as a reference.  He says joggers are miserable people and try to suck you in.  As your friends to sit on the couch next to you have a beer:)  Beer helps prevent cardiovascular disease in men but don’t know about women….he says…

It’s all about context and here’s a good video that will take you a little further and will explain a lot about algorithms, the perfect butt algorithms, the friendship algorithm and more…also you can find the video on the left side of this page…BD

Context is Everything–More About the Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception–Professor Siefe Lecture Given at Google’s New York Office–Big Healthcare Focus



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