Quality Specialty Products (QSP), A+ Health Supplies, QP Medical, Bridgewater Medical or Clinical Care are the names of the suppliers in Canada and it could be counterfeit.  These are non approved FDA sources and there were quite a few in California listed.  The link below gives the listings of all the clinics who received letters.  BD 

Administration sent letters to 350 medical practices last month alerting them they may have received unapproved medications from a foreign supplier.

The medications, including unapproved versions of Botox, could be counterfeit, contaminated or unsafe to patients, authorities said in a statement released Dec. 19.

“When it comes to Botox, this is a very, very potentially poisonous material…it’s an agent used in chemical warfare and it can paralyze somebody permanently or it can paralyze your diaphragm so you cannot breathe,” he said.

This is the sixth time in 2012 the FDA has issued letters to medical practices that purchased unapproved medications from foreign suppliers.



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