Ok so you’re not having fun, well this big duck will come get you:)  Being this is the Medical Quack I can’t pass up a good Duck story when they come along.  I like it and wished I had one of these.  You can’t convey a philanthropy message any better than this!  

At least this big duck wasn’t toxic like the ones that came into the LA Harbor recently.  BD

The Jackpotjoy FUNdation was launched after a poll commissioned by the site found that Victoria Beckham, Jeremy Clarkson, Tom Cruise and Madonna topped the list of the least-fun celebrities.  In response, the site decided to launch a competition to offer rewards for Britons who submitted the most fun and wacky ideas to help people, “take life a little bit less seriously.  ”

The first step was floating the duck, with bright red lips, down the Thames, and even having the Tower Bridge’s drawbridge raised so it could pass through.



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