Allscripts has had a rocky year no doubt and again in my opinion it all began with not having enough time to write all the integration code needed when Eclipsys was purchased.  I am giving a technology view from what I have read like everyone else.  Paul Black has bee appointed as the new CEO and has a background in the medical records business having been a COO at Cerner in the past.  In August the company went back to Microsoft for some help to expand Allscripts' application developer program.

Allscripts Turns to Microsoft To Expand Their Application Development

If you go back to 2010 you can read about the Eclipsys and Microsoft Amalga integration which is part of the new integrated systems to go into the Allscripts system, so I am guessing too that the integrated system is going to have components of Amalga in there as well for the intelligence type reporting.  Before the merger with Allscripts, Eclipsys and Microsoft were already working together with Amalga, which is now no longer under the Microsoft umbrella but rather moved over to the new company formed by GE and Microsoft, Caradigm so I thought perhaps looking at technologies only there could be a home there. 

Eclipsys and Microsoft To Integrate Sunrise Enterprise Suite With Amalga Unified Intelligence System

Caradigm–New Name for New Microsoft GE Healthcare Company


Recent activities have not looked good with filing the lawsuit over the lost business in New York other than it being an action to show they are doing “something”, but what if anything will it accomplish.  Truly I just think this all became bad news when sales projections were put out there and the code work was not done yet.  You can’t rush programming. 

If you read here enough I try cover the mechanics of some of this as best I can to bring an awareness and education around. “The short order code kitchen burned down years ago and there was no fire sale”  is what I keep telling all.  The whole campaign on Medicare with the idea of changing their IT infrastructure to vouchers was also just a farce that the media kept going as to work on a project so large, the budget would have been out of this world for the IT work, not to mention the fact that the US would have probably had to outsource it to both India and China to find enough qualified engineers.  Again folks in technology knew the voucher idea was a farce a long a time as as the money and time was not feasible and all the talk was vapor. 

Again that is what I see happened to a degree with Allscripts here too and that work combining two huge architectures like that is big, takes money and time so the days of CEOs romping out there making promises and expecting IT folks to deliver within “their” time frames are gone.  I think with sales pressure that is what occurred here and you just can’t serve up “raw” code and expect it to work.  This is exactly why people stall off beta programs too as it’s better to have it done correctly than to put out a half baked product that will result with a lot of unhappy clients.  Again get a  CEO this time who has some computer science or IT in their background is what I would say, it helps. 

Allscripts Sues NYC Health and Hospital System Over Contract Award to Epic - EHR Vendor Playing the Same Game as Health Insurance Companies With Lawsuits

Their executive vice president of culture and talent is also due to leave in 30 days and perhaps a little IT knowledge there too would not be bad.  With their efforts to get Microsoft to help them with apps for Windows 8 for one, again it still tells me they need more code written. BD

More recently, the company said speculation about a potential deal had hurt its third-quarter results by causing customers to delay decisions. Mr. Tullman in November said the company would have a "clean, unencumbered selling environment" once it decided whether or not to go forward with a strategic move.


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