Recently in the news it was announced 4medica EHR systems will be collaborating with MyMedicalRecord to enable lab report sand prescription history.  This was in the news about the same time the company imagecame on board as a sponsor for the Medical Quack.  If you missed the patent article and what it covers see the link below where I spent some time finding out what this was all about the the background on the Health IT Patents that MMRGlobal has filed since 2005.  Below is a copy of a letter that was sent to all hospitals across the US with reference to licensing the current patents in place.  This may affect all electronic medical records systems in the US and abroad. 

This appears to be one of the first major license agreements signed but there could be more I am not aware of.  Bob and I talked about the patents on a prior blog post (link below) at the Medical Quack and you can also visit  Bob Lorsch’s Blog at MMRGlobal where he further elaborates beyond our discussion discussion and interview with more details about the technologies and patents. 

MMRGlobal Patent Portfolio, Bob Lorsch, CEO Answers Questions Relative to Patented Technologies

MMR Letter to Medical Entity

MMRGlobal Files Form 8-K Regarding Signing of Patent License Agreement, Dr. Shekhar Challa to Medical Board of Advisors

Dec 10, 2012 (Marketwire via COMTEX) --MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTCQB: MMRF) today announced it filed a Form 8-K regarding the signing by MyMedicalRecords, Inc. (MMR) of a Non-Exclusive Patent License Agreement with 4medica, Inc. to licenseimage U.S. rights for the health IT patents owned by MyMedicalRecords, Inc. These include but are not limited to U.S. Patent Numbers 8,321,240; 8,301,466; 8,117,045; 8,117,646; and 8,121,855, as well as any other health IT patents to be issued pursuant to pending applications filed by MyMedicalRecords in the United States and all divisions, continuations, reissues, and extensions (the "MMR Patents"). The initial term of the Agreement is five years and automatically renews to the expiration date of the last licensed patent to expire, which currently in the U.S. is twenty years from the date of filing. MMRGlobal is a leading provider of Personal Health Records (PHRs) including its PHR and MMRPro document management and imaging systems for healthcare professionals.


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