Ok this is my blog and my opinion here.  If you read what imageI write pretty much everything is all public with a source to where I based my opinion.  I use logic for a lot of what I write and that goes back to a few years of writing code as it changes your outlook when you understand both the IT infrastructures, cost and then yet the marketing arm. Governor Christie I see as one of those valuable “hybrids” that Bill Gates told the graduating class of Berkeley was going to be one of the sought after individuals as they are leaders.  Hybrids see more than one point of view. 

Hybrids very often are confused by others as there’s a balance of both logic and a time for emotional and humanistic input.  Hybrids do not loose the human aspect at all, it’s just balance at times.  The two aspects living inside one person is a challenge at times.  You take a lot of programmers, and do they have people skills on steroids?  No, but a few do, like Bill Gates for one and look where they are.  He’ a great user of logic and so is Christie.  As readers of the media today we have to sort out what has value and what is out there for the OMG or “drama queen” effects.  News needs both of those elements today but sometimes the “drama queen” news takes over and logic gets lost for a while. Take the incident with the US General and female cat fight that absorbed the headlines.  I’m not picking on journalists as they have jobs to do and that is to get readers as that’s why we show up, to read.  It’s much easier to grab a silly story with outrageous and maybe even humorous words at times than to perhaps find stories with value.  Huffington Post does a lot of those and I do give them credit for putting them for the most part in their own section so when I want to take a break and see the ridiculous, as we all read a bit of that, I know that’s where I’m headed:)

I like Barbara Walters and when I saw this interview I had to laugh my fanny off as to me here’s the press getting sucked in on their own stuff, in other words have we now determined that over weight people are evil?  If you read enough in the media today yeah they will convince you they are “evil” and not people that perhaps could entertain a life style change, but they have to do that themselves and fear doesn’t cut it.  I enjoy and like Barbara Walters but who in the heck in that editorial staff decided to go with the “fat” question?  They had to to do it I guess for the ratings and to keep up with the drama queen stuff?  Christie is the Anti-Dupe and saw it coming.  Sure he needs to lose weight and said he has tried many things but again my sides were absolutely splitting when I heard that question posed. If anyone knows a little about US history President Roosevelt had polio and required an Iron Lung to accompany him, but didn’t stop him.  Now we look at over weight as being worse than having polio…shows how you get sucked in or look for media content that generates ratings. 

I use logic and from what I see from the Governor, he does too and his answers were right on as it didn’t pull him off course and good for him with that stupid question…again…my sides hurt from laughing as it the whole question lacked logic…but he saw it coming and did a great job with his response.  The complete video actually gives a whole picture of who he is.  He’s killing the drama queens and the OMG folks with logic.  He did pretty good with being called the “elephant” in the room…

Yesterday I took on a press release from United Healthcare and for good reason with the way it was presented.  The wording and the studies are subliminally making the consumer carry a feeling of guilt for being sedentary or overweight.  One person’s issues is not breaking the bank.  I believe in education and people are going to make positive changes when they are ready no matter much you push so again knowledge gets things done better than beating up consumers with a press release telling them they are part of the US economic problem.  People and/or companies that deal so heavily wit analytics all the time too lose site of the human side of things and thus we see stats and numbers tossed out there to try and create guilt and keep attention and focus tossed in areas of such which are fiction. 

Media and Press Releases In Healthcare That Go Nowhere–Marketing to Sell You Analytics With Using Fear and Misplaced Guilt Overtones As a Theme

The best way is to motivate and educate a person to “want” to improve and not the message in this release.  We see it all the time today to make a point but the negativity was phenomenal with the way it was presented.  It also said where you live makes a difference so what does that mean to me?  I have to move <grin>.  Tell that to the folks with all the storm damage in New Jersey right now…all about context.  Shaming people with feelings of guilt never works.  Actually if you really want a good explanation on how the US economic problems began, watch this video called “Quants, the Alchemists of Wall Street” as that’s where it began with fictional formulas and math.  Here’s the link below and losing weight is a personal thing that one does for themselves to create a better lifestyle, not because they are “evil fat people”.  The video is really good as they have one of the quants that wrote the black box material for Goldman for 17 years and Paul Wilmott the #1 Quant with math in the US and probably the world. 

See what really went on and lighten up a little and know because you are sedentary that you did not contribute to the economic crisis, but think about moving more and losing weight. 

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street Video Documentary - Why It Needs to Matter What Companies Do and Not Focus Only On the Price of Stock With So Called Value - Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 44

Value is a big word out there today as everyone in big data is looking for that value too and I posted about that a while back with NASA and a few other big companies to include healthcare stumbling around the same thing.  It’s not cut and dry and I said yesterday big data goes right along with the old saying of having money burning a hole in your pocket but the difference is that we have not quite figured out the value of big data yet.  Use the link below if you want to hear the forum and as said the gal from T-Mobile makes the call right on with saying “some of the analytics we are doing is silly”…in other words she recognizes the fact that they need to seek out value in what they are analyzing.  That is a good thing as many have not reached that point and some don’t even go there as their focus is money and getting headlines to sell data for a lot of it and thus we get spun marketing with analytics that have little meaning. 

Big Data/Analytics If Used Out of Context and Without True Values Stand To Be A Huge Discriminatory Practice Against Consumers–More Honest Data Scientists Needed to Formulate Accuracy/Value To Keep Algo Duping For Profit Out of the Game

As long as math and fictitious formulas makes money and people don’t like math, it will keep repeating itself.  Heck I even wrote about a PLOS one study that says math gives people physical pain, and funny it wasn’t consumers that commented here it was programmers that said “yea complex queries and code I’m working with makes me hurt”, but again my focus here is not to turn everyone into a mathematician or coder but just come out of denial and know that is the “gun” used against you today with the financial world and more.  We even put up with big bank CEOs making millions that don’t know a thing about their mathematical business models as I watched Jamie Dimon in front of Congress and in other videos keep saying “I don’t know” when asked if Dodd Frank was working and about the business models his bank uses.


Chapter 8 of the Killer Algorithm series covers a lot of this and how bad math, dirty code and formulas for profit that generate large numbers of flaws get used against consumers.  Remember the folks that write some of these formulas don’t live in the real world half the time. 

Consumers Lose More Privacy With New CoreLogic Credit Reporting–”Score” Marketed For Insurers and Employers To Gain Information-California Prohibits Potential Employers – From Using As Jan 1 - Killer Algorithms Part 8

Back on topic, what if our President today had the same afflictions that President Roosevelt did who had polio and relied on an Iron Lung?  What would we be doing?  Would be trying to impeach or some other radical move as such?  The question on the governor’s weight was right up there with  the same stupid logic.  We have analytics like this out there that run a mortality risk on almost everyone out there and get rich selling that data, so what’s the next step here, humanism or running mortality checks on anyone running for office or anyone wanting to get any kind of insurance claim paid, it’s about the same thing.  Before we vote you in will mortality assessments be the call of the day, like we get as consumers?  Again remember a lot this is not credible and is only guess work based on numbers as things in one’s live could change the next day, but we are so sucked in.  Watch the 5 videos on the left hand side of this blog for a real data and life perspective.  I think these people having to predict when we might die are “the evil people”…<grin>. 

MIB Solutions and Hooper Holmes Working Together to Assess Mortality Risk – Analytics and Consumer Files Used for Underwriting And To Estimate How Long You May Live And What Your Body Will Cost Over Time

So how far do you want to go with all of this and think you know the answers?  We don’t and now that we have credible data like that in medical records being combined with non credible data (social networks and other stuff) we are really getting a lot of bowls of garbage out there and people believe all of it..so take a look and see what is real and how you may have been duped if you will and hopefully we can get back to some normal intellectual data processing here as it’s not going away but again “cut the crap” and be aware of those “duping you for money” and using flawed data against you.  The Attack of the Killer Algorithm series has over 40 links to how some of this occurs in everyday life that maybe you can relate too.  In summary, good answers Christie, one the few public figures we have not subscribing to total insanity with flawed data, fictitious  formulas and just garbage that paints a sometimes less than non-realistic world.  It’s your brain that I want in places of leadership and I could care less on how many extra pounds your butt has:)  Use that brain to fix the fiction on Wall Street and we all might be ahead.  New Jersey by the way does recognize problems with insurance “Algorithms” too..here’s an example with a link found at the post where Jon Stewart and Christie spoke…..and I must say Stewart didn’t get duped either into the “fat fanny” rationale :)

Jon Stewart, A Nice “Intelligent” Interchange With The “Other New Jersey” Boss–Governor Christie, Insurance Exchanges and More…

New Jersey Legislature Getting Smart– Bill to Modify Claim Procedures to Include Asking For Insurance Company Algorithms-Bill A3334

If we were so good at humanism today, I don’t think this group would need to exist but they do as we get duped into false values: 

Institute for Research for Humanism in Medicine


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