Four thousand seems like a pretty low ransom demand the value they have put on the medical records.  They broke in and encrypted the files and the ransom is for the decrypting information needed to get to those records again.  Unless they can find them paying the fee seems like the only way out of this one and that is if the hackers keep their word.  A backup is being put in place and depending upon when the break in was done there' might be just a small amount of new data that’s not in the back up.  Here’s some cases below and the $4k demanded for ransom is hoping that there’s enough value  in the data lost between the hack and the last back up.  Come to think of it we never did hear the full outcome of the big Express Scripts hack a while back and that one was major.  BD

Hackers Request Ransom for the Return of Medical Records From Doctors Practice in Illinois–Encrypted Them But They May Have Back Ups Available

Express Scripts offers $1 million award to nab extortionist in data breach case

Would Someone Give the Hacker 10 Million for Prescription Information In Virginia – We have already been for Sale for quite a while now..

Russian hackers are holding a Gold Coast medical centre to ransom after encrypting thousands of patient health records.

The hackers are demanding a ransom of $4,000 to decrypt the sensitive information held on a server at the Miami Family Medical Centre.

IT security expert Nigel Phair says this latest attack is a "wake-up call" with businesses around Australia hacked five to 10 times a week.

David Wood, co-owner of the Miami Family Medical Centre, says they thought they had a good system in place.

"We've got all the antivirus stuff in place - there's no sign of a virus. They literally got in, hijacked the server and then ran their encryption software," he said.


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