This was done in the UK and the cells were used to grow bloodimage vessels.  That amazes me as our body parts are getting closer to replacing like parts in car.  I think of blockages when thinking about blood vessels so what a way to perhaps in the future to replace and repair all size of vessels and veins. This was done via re-programming IPS stem cells, just as skin stem cells and other body part cells are done.  BD

Until now, scientists have relied on embryos or complex techniques using skin cells to create stem cells. Now, a team from Cambridge University has managed to create them from the blood of a patient — which could make regenerative medicine a more real possibility than ever.

Stem cells can be tweaked to grow into any kind of human tissue, so for a long time they’ve looked set to have a profound impact on medical treatment. The only problem is that they’re difficult to make and controversial to harvest from embryos.


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