Los Angeles billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, a hospital imagesupporter who has committed $100 million to St. John's and  has his name on several buildings was shocked when the CEO and board recently were fired by the current Catholic out of state owners as it was in the works to sell the hospital.  Soon-Shiong said he would like to see the hospital back in the hands of local owners and he was also ready to help finance the sale.  St. John's is the only California hospital run by the Sisters of Charity in Denver.  The hospital was opened after World War 2 and has taken care of many celebrities in it’s time and has it’s Hollywood connections with philanthropy as well.  When Santa Monica Bay Physicians joined the UCLA Health System in 2010 St. Johns lost a bit of business. 

St. Johns Hospital Fires CEO And Several Board Members Fired By Email - Chan Soon-Shiong Puts Some of His Projects for the Hospital on Hold

The hospital would do well to affiliate with Cedars and UCLA but the new CEO from Sisters of Charity feels it should remain with a Catholic care system if it does not stay with the Sisters Group.  Nobody can understand why the relationship with the Sisters of Charity group has emerged the way it has as there has been a lot of money donated to the hospital over the years and some felt a bit dissed by the recent activities, which included Patrick Soon-Shiong who has put plans on hold for now with creating the genomic research and sports center at the hospital.  BD

Amid a nationwide wave of healthcare mergers, a deal was brewing this fall to sell St. John's Health Center, a storied Santa Monica hospital founded by Catholic nuns and befriended by Hollywood stars. 

Then, without notice, late last month the hospital's out-of-town owner ousted the top executives, fired most of the directors and thrust into public view a long-simmering debate about the hospital's future.

For months, officials at the hospital weighed various options including selling the hospital to rivals UCLA or Cedars-Sinai Medical Center or perhaps joining another Catholic hospital chain. Eventually, some board members supported the plan involving Soon-Shiong's foundation.

But the hospital's owner, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System in Denver, stepped in before anything could be finalized. It removed the hospital's top two executives and escorted them off the premises the morning of Nov. 29. And it fired 15 of the hospital's 17 board members in a terse email.

In 1991, St. John's scored a coup by pulling the John Wayne Cancer Institute away from UCLA with the promise of top-notch facilities and support.

Three years later, in 1994, the Northridge earthquake shut St. John's for about nine months. But drawing on its connections to some of Southern California's wealthiest people, the hospital raised about $230 million to help rebuild. The years-long process was capped by the opening of its Keck Center building in 2010.



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