The CEO was escorted out of the building from what I read here and the SCL Health System says the reason is all confidential.  This is another one of those hospitals struggling to make money and lost over $12 million last year.  It confidentially money based for the reason:) 

One thing that came out of this is that Billionaireimage Chan Soon-Shiong who recently announced some new technology plans for the hospital that he was going to finance are now on hold.  The plans for an institute of genomic pathology and a sports science center are two of his project that are not a wait and see.  I guess his wireless digital vital signs monitoring program is still in action since it has started. 

Pilot for Wireless Digital Vital Signs Monitoring System Begins at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica–A Disposable FDA Approved Plaster Attaches Similar To Using A Band-Aid

In other news at the hospital, nurses ratified their first collective bargaining agreement in October that was done via secret ballot.  It is a two year contract.  The contract includes no cuts  in RN health benefits or pension plans and a number of provisions focused on patient safety. 

This clause is interesting and I guess Chan Soon-Shiong new wireless plan is safe. 

Assurance that new technology not be used to displace RN professional judgment OR undermine patient care or RN jobs.

One good provision though here in just reading this is not assign nurses to areas where they have not demonstrated clinical expertise and that is good thing as we hear too many nightmare stories about people working in areas to where they may have not been adequately trained.  BD

Saint John’s Health Center abruptly ousted its top two executives and most of its governing board as the Santa Monica hospital tries to grapple with years of losses and increasing competition from bigger rivals. 

Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System, a Catholic nonprofit that owns Saint John’s and 10 other hospitals in the U.S., dismissed hospital CEO Lou Lazatin, the chief operating officer and 15 members of the hospital’s 17-person board, effective Thursday.

Los Angeles billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, who has committed $100 million to the hospital in recent years to make it a national leader in medical research and patient care, said he was shocked and disturbed by the sudden changes. He said that Lazatin was fired and escorted out of the building Thursday and that hospital board members were then fired by email.

Michael Slubowski, chief executive of Denver-based SCL Health System, called Lazatin’s departure a “confidential” matter and declined to comment in any detail


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