And the guest speaker was in South America...via the robot's conferencing system..BD 

In an information technology course that is part of the program's curriculum, Alex Gandsas, associate professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins and head of the Division of Bariatric Surgery at Sinai Hospital, imagedemonstrated an innovative use for the medical robot that he employs in making post- operative patient rounds. Equipped with a laptop, joystick, Web cam and suitable bandwidth, Gandsas was able to deliver from his hotel room in South America an interactive presentation, complete with slide show, as he communicated with his fellow students and the course instructor, Ed Lewis, via the robot's video conferencing system. Gandsas was able to even remotely move about the room, via the robot, for added effect and presence.

"I feel that this technology really allows me to almost teleport myself from one place to another," Gandsas says. "Exercises like this show that we really can expand the role of a robot to teaching and instruction."  "Now, instructors can virtually go anywhere. I think this technology can change the paradigm of education in the future."

Johns Hopkins Gazette | December 17, 2007


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