I have signed up a while back and am waiting for my "workspace" to be created...one great feature here too is the use of Forefront Security from Microsoft...if you consider outsourcing Exchange, Forefront is a great solution process.  I am looking forward to using the combination of my Desktop Office products in conjunction with the Live Workspace...more from "the cloud"...once registered the log on page will be here....Community section for examples, forums and blogs is located here.....looking forward to using with Outlook myself...would not recommend for prime time sharing yet with any medical records, watch the video from Robert Scoble below with his interview with the Microsoft team on how this will work...also ZDnet also has a good video and the link is found at the bottom of the post...BD  image


REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 10. 2007 - Microsoft today is beginning roll-out of the public beta of Office Live Workspace, a secure online workspace to which Office users can post Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF files directly from Office applications to work on remotely from virtually any web-connected PC and collaborate on with others.

Gregersen: We know that security is a key concern for our customers, so we’ve built in provisions to help keep customers documents secure and also support various sharing and collaboration scenarios. Office Live Workspace, uses Windows Live ID so only registered, trusted users will have access to a given document or set of documents. We’ve also built in virus protection for documents from Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint.

Gregersen: Office Live Workspace is the first Office Live service for all Office users. It provides an easy way for people to save their Office documents and other files to the web, and then to share their work and collaborate with others. We think that Office Live Workspace will be important for our 500 million Office customers because it’s one of the first tightly integrated web-based sharing and collaboration services designed to give a seamless experience for Office users.

We’re hopeful that focusing on solving this “last mile” problem – providing an on-ramp from Office on the desktop to the web and vice-versa – will make things a lot easier for people in their everyday work and personal lives.

  • Open and save files directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Synchronize contact, task, and event lists with Outlook
  • No need to learn a new program
  • It works with the programs you already know – like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Open and save files directly from Microsoft Office XP, 2003, or 2007.
  • Synchronize Contact, Tasks, and Event lists with Outlook 2003 and 2007. Export any workspace list to Excel.
  • Share a single document or entire workspace in a few simple steps. All you need is a person’s e-mail address.

Microsoft Delivers Office Live Workspace Beta: Microsoft Office Director of Consumer and Small Business Product Management Kirk Gregersen discusses the public beta of Office Live Workspace, an online extension to Office that provides new Web storage and collaboration capabilities.

Video on ZDNet


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