Zocoar and Vioxx the subject of the suit...pays well to be a legitimate whistle blower...BD 

Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Company will pay more than $650 million to settle allegations that it overpriced drugs sold to Medicaid and other government health care programs, as well as paid kickbacks to health care providers in exchange for their prescribing the company's medications.

image"The settlements  do not constitute an admission by Merck of any liability or wrongdoing," a company statement released Thursday said. "Merck believes its pricing and sales and marketing policies and practices were consistent with all applicable regulations and contracts during the relevant time."  The doctors who participated in the overpricing scheme allegedly received millions in illegal kickbacks, according to Steinke's suit.

Under the whistleblower statutes, Steinke will receive more than $68 million, and LaCorte will also receive a portion of the state and federal settlement money.

ABC News: Merck to Pay $650M to Settle Fraud Case


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