This is a real article, not a fake.  Tissue taken from biopsies was used and it worked, so there was no use of an embryo here.  The sperm producing cells inside adult male testicles did not need to have genes inserted into their DNA to make them into cells that produce other cells.  The research was conducted in Germany.  BD 

Scientists from Germany and the UK have found a new source of stem cells that could be as good as embryonic stem cells for researching and developing treatments for a range of serious diseases, but without the ethical problems of embryonic stem cells; the source is routine biopsies of men's testicles.

Stem cells are the new hope for treatment development because they carry the potential of personalized therapy - using a person's own cells to create stem cells that can then repair and replace damaged tissue, such as in Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and cancers. This way the big problem of immune system rejection is overcome because the implants have the same DNA as the host.
In this case however, using stem cells from male testes, the treatment would only work on men.

Testicles Could Be New Source Of Stem Cells

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