The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC), has to be one of the very early readers of the Medical Quack and I have featured their press releases as they have moved along, and the president was the Keynote speaker. 

Dr. Halamka is featured all over the blog here as he is such an important voice when it comes to Healthcare IT and you can find the link to imagehis blog in the blog roll section, he’s everywhere on the web:)

Both of the speakers elaborated on the integration efforts and the future of EHR integration, and how eClinicalWorks will soon have a working interface with Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault. 

This is just one more example of how the integration process is moving and also how fast it is taking place.  The PHR will soon be a major player with consumers being the custodians of their personal health records, and this meeting shows that it is serious business.  The use of the eCW eEHX is the key to bringing all the practices together to share patient information.  The annual meeting information referenced here is from Dr. Greg Hinson, of eClinicalWorks.  BD

From the Meeting:

This morning’s Keynote Speaker was Micky Tripathi, the President and CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC), a non-image profit collaboration of the state’s leading healthcare organizations. With a large investment from BCBS-MA, this organization is overseeing a project to deploy community-wide EMR in three different communities in the state. Hopefully they will extend this to four in the near future--MINE. The organization pre-approved 7 different EMR providers for the hospitals and physicians to sign with, free of charge, including NextGen, GE, Allscripts, and PMS. Even though money was no object, 90% if the practices representing 550 or so physicians chose eCW. These physicians all went live in 18 months and are actively using the EMR for roughly 95% of their encounters (Primary Care, specialists was using it for about 80% of their encounters). In North Adams, MA, specifically, the project is making good use of eCW’s eEHX product, tying all of the practices together and allowing them to share selected information.image

John Halamka, MD is the CIO of Caregroup Health System and Harvard Medical School and the Chair of the US Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel. He gave a Keynote speech today about “Connecting Patients, Payers, and Providers.”

He reviewed the latest efforts to create regional and national health data exchanges using interoperable standards and generally tried to “give [us] and idea of what this will look like in the Obama Administration.”

He also discussed the new Personal Health Records products from Google and Microsoft, and how they will one day interact with eCW. (With eCW’s portal, it’s closer then you think.) - Dr. Hinson, eCW

Thanks to Dr. Williams Biggs for the information at EMR Update 

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