Good article from Dr. Halamka at Beth Israel Medical Center/Harvard in Boston, talking about the positives and money saved by using speech recognition.  One other item to mention here from my side of the coin, it makes creating blog entries a lot easier too, and yet I use it!  There are more ways to interact with a computer other than just a keyboard.  You can do a search to even find more related speech recognition posts here as well in addition to the titles listed below.  BD 

“Getting data into an electronic health record is hard. Most clinicians do not want to type complex structured notes. We've tried macros and templates, which have helped some. However, dictation is the clear winner among clinicians for entry of free text. The challenges with dictation are turn around time, expense, and lack of structure. BIDMC's solution to this problem as been server-based voice recognition from eScription.

By using server-based voice recognition, we have reduced our transcriptions costs more then 50%, reduced turn around time to less than an hour, and used the technology to increase the structure of our free text notes.”

Life as a Healthcare CIO: Cool Technology of the Week

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