Earlier this week I posted as did everyone else and had a couple other ideas today worth mentioning.  Many folks are coming from Harvard and the HHS position is going to revolve around 70% of Health IT, so why don’t we start shopping at the “Smart” store instead of the “Political” store. 

Getting the country back on it’s feet today is not so much about creating new laws as it is restructuring with technology and all of us coming to terms that we have to live with it, like it or not.  There are “smart” individuals in the country that can do the job, that are honest, transparent, and have a pretty clean imagebackground, so why don’t we try a different route here. 

I would much rather see all on a working educational path and see some good “smart” leaders at the top, rather than those who might not have any first hand working knowledge, and I say that from experience.  Having written code, I understand the over all technology and the interchange of information.  Technology is also moving so fast too that we can’t take months, weeks to create laws either or wait for another OMG story to hit the news.  The SEC and FDA need some “Smart” people too and not just figureheads. 

Bill Gates and his foundation just hired a “Smart” man this week too, something to think about by observing one of the smartest men in the world and how he functions. 

Former US NIH Director Joins the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

I somewhat think of myself as being a pretty straight shooter and call things as I see them, probably due to the fact that I have worked with so many queries in software programs that the correct and truthful analysis process is in my blood, ask any coder you will get pretty much the same answer. 

So for today, this is my 2 cents worth, stop shopping at the “political” store and see what the “smart” store has to offer and progress will be made.  Harvard is one good place to start that search.  BD 

Tom Daschle Withdraws – We Live in a World of Transparency

From the New York Times below, but this does drive home the fact that there’s not much room to hide anymore.  Interesting how we find audit and data trails back when we really want to be the “inquiring minds”, but in other areas that tend to be more related to just the every day tasks of running a business or government, we lag a bit. 

When it comes right down to the detailed facts about almost anyone today, if you dig far and hard enough, you will find something that you may not like or agree with.  After the last 8 years, ethics and transparency are on the minds of all, and the citizens of the US, along with our leaders really want to know what and what makes up the individuals who will serve.  It’s like trying to find a perfect mate, there is none, just one that you can trust and hopefully through finding out a bit about the past and what they are today along with what baggage they carry with them up front, it will lead to the ultimate healthy selection of our leaders.  Nobody wants to deal with the unknown, but if open and transparent from the start, people can actually be pretty forgiving if it of course is not something that would threaten our national security or something large along those lines. 

So by today’s standards, if you are going to be in the public eye anywhere, be ready for the “Electronic Spanish Inquisition”.  BD 


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