Part of the issue appears to be with staffing according to this article as key positions for the director and deputy director, or 22 of 30 other positions identified for the office have not been filled.  The VA an DOD agreed with the assessment and are working on getting their plans management capabilities together. 

DOD and the VA have jumped right in there to get integration going as posted back in December, but perhaps some additional business intelligence is needed to get the entire project to come together.  BD 

WASHINGTON – The Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare information data-sharing project – often held out as an example of two powerhouse health information networks becoming interoperable – was given a warning this week by the image Government Accountability Office.

A GAO report, written for the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, said the project needs better strategic management and budgeting for the sharing of long-term care information.

By law, the DOD and VA are required to accelerate the exchange of health information between their departments and develop systems or capabilities that allow for interoperability and are compliant with federal standards.

However, "neither plan identifies results-oriented performance goals and measures that are characteristic of effective planning and can be used as a basis to track and assess progress toward the delivery of new interoperable capabilities," the report said. "In the absence of results-oriented goals and performance measures, the departments are not positioned to adequately assess progress toward increasing interoperability."

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Are electronic and personal health records inevitable? – Sure they are but we need education and mentors to make it work!


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