Cerner's Millennium Helix® is the lab module of the electronic medical records.  We knew at some point this would come along and I’m sure others will follow as having the information for decision making is where this plays in, a big step with personalized medicine.  Interesting if you read below on how Claritasimage was spun off from Boston Children’s Hospital with a mentioned investment from Life Technologies.  Life Technologies was purchased by Thermo Fisher for over $13 billion and was just cleared to move ahead by the European antitrust regulators.  Last year Life Technologies acquired Navigenics and they have that little Ion Torrent sequencing machine they market for “cheap genes”.  Anyway this now makes Thermo Fisher a funder I am guessing with Claritas in Massachusetts as well as Cerner Capital. 

Interesting how companies are diversifying these days with subsidiaries as everyone pretty much is aware of Cerner with medical records but may not have known about their capital division that is busy consulting on retirement funds, private investments and so on so Claritas I guess become part of the portfolio.  You can look here to see the Cerner Capital Analysis. 

It’s interesting to see how all of this works as when you get to the revenue cycling side of Cerner Millennium as they use Ingenix (now Optum, a subsidiary of United Healthcare) for their workflow and integrated it.  The CEO of the Optum Insight Subsidiary of Untied Healthcare (the analytics and consulting folks) was at Cerner for a number of years as the VP of Technologies.  As a side note I found it interesting to see former Yellow Freight CEO Bill Zollars in the Cerner board, I worked there once upon a time in a different life,image totally different business with logistics is why I found it interesting. 

What was also interesting is to see Dr. Patrice Milos and back in2008 when sequencing was still fairly new I did an interview with here when she was the chief science officer at Helicos.  We had a great interview too. 

Helicos BioSciences and Personalized Medicine - Featured Interview with Dr. Patrice Milos

You can find the listing of the genomic tests provided by Claritas here.  BD

KANSAS CITY, Mo. and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerner Corp. (Nasdaq:CERN) and Claritas Genomics announce that the companies will work together to advance personalized medicine by building tools and connectivity that will better integrate next generation sequence (NGS)-based diagnostic testing into health care practice. The parties will collaborate to develop a rapid, scalable laboratory solution for molecular diagnostics that is tailored to NGS workflows, which are more complex and generate much more data than traditional molecular diagnostic tests.

Claritas will implement Cerner's Millennium Helix(R) solution as part of the initial phase of the project, and will join Cerner's Reference Lab Network to allow seamless ordering and results return for other Reference Lab Network partners.

As part of the relationship, Cerner Capital, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cerner,image has invested in the company, becoming a minority shareholder and bringing to a close the company's Series A round. Clay Patterson, managing director of Cerner Capital, has joined Claritas's board of directors.

Cambridge-based Claritas Genomics is a clinical diagnostics laboratory that provides genetic testing with a focus on pediatric medicine, combining advanced genetic analysis technology with clinical interpretive services that tap into the expertise of specialists at the best pediatric hospitals. The company was formed as a spin out of Boston Children's Hospital, with an investment from Life Technologies in February, and was recently joined by Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and now Cerner, as key investors and network partners. The relationship with Cerner will enable Claritas to tap into an existing, scalable computing infrastructure that integrates ordering of genomic sequencing tests, laboratory processing, results interpretation, return of results to the clinician and incorporation of the result in the patient's electronic medical record (EMR).


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