In one of the most heavily populated areas of New York of Russian immigrants is where the accusations took place.  It will be interesting to see if there’s any immunity offered here by Russia.  All lied about their income and it sounds like perhaps some fraud software was able to identify some of the activity with looking for patterns as it’s stated that the area is already recognized as one of the highest fraud zip code areas in the US.  Also one particular hospital was used and it remains unnamed so we might see more on this story as information comes along. 

In the Brighton Beach Zip code areas, more providers  are barred from Medicaid than any other zip in the US.  BD

Federal law enforcement authorities have charged nearly 50 past or present Russian diplomats and their spouses in a $1.5 million Medicaid fraud scheme, an unusual twist in what has become a familiar criminal story line in New York.

The diplomats and their spouses obtained the benefits for pregnancies, births and first-year-of-life medical needs, generally applying at the same New York hospital, which was not identified, the complaint says.

“A review of the Russian diplomats’ and their spouses’ falsified Medicaid applications revealed general patterns of misrepresentations, which allowed them to qualify for Medicaid,” the complaint says.

For years, insurance fraud schemes in New York and elsewhere have often been dominated by immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, the center of New York City’s Russian-speaking immigrant population, has one of the highest rates of health care fraud in the nation, according to federal statistics.


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