This is not to be confused with the “real” work that is going on out there with companies working imagehard to create a “real” device such as Scanadu who has generated not only a lot of interest but a lot of money with crowd funding too.  As always though there’s someone out to make a buck and that looks like what we had here. 

He bilked a Florida financial group, Paragon Financial Group,  out of $800,000 and you wonder where was their due diligence here?  Did they not check this out?  The case is being heard in a New York court.  The device was called “McCoy Home Health Tablet” after the doctor in Star Trek.  It pays to be a skeptic today and check out all the information you can for sure.  BD 

An accused fraudster is expected to plead guilty to charges of fleecing an investor with a health care device that purported to function like Dr. James McCoy’s tricorder on “Star Trek,” the Daily News has learned.

Howard Leventhal has agreed to waive his indictment on charges that he defrauded a Florida financial group out of $800,000 in the science-fictional scheme, according to papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court. Leventhal was also charged with impersonating Canadian government officials.

Prosecutors wrapped up the case at warp speed after Leventhal was busted in his home state of Illinois in October.

Leventhal, 56, claimed the electronic tablet device could “instantly and effectively” deliver patient data to doctors and health care providers, according to the criminal complaint.

He even called the device the McCoy Home Health Tablet, after the “Star Trek” character played by DeForest Kelley.


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