I did a story on another brand a while back called Underease but it looks like Shreddies took


that idea and added some style.  If you really want to get with it there’s this for bedtime too, in case you fart in your sleep too.  You can find Underease here and again they look like they are more plastic in content.  Shreddies wants to capture the younger farting crowd it seems.  They have sizes for boys and girls too. 

Sleep Farting – There’s a Solution, The Better Marriage Blanket (Video)

The pictures on the web site show young folks and not just old folks who fart.  You do have to give the marketing a chuckle here when you see the man’s nose planted on her butt:)  Maybe that’s how the clinical trials were conducted (grin).

Here’s a video that shows how to measure to see what size would fit and how the filter works. 


They are not cheap at $30.00 for women and $45.00 for men, and they don’t take care of the sound, only the smell.  They also work for incontinence issues too. 

More about Shreddies..

You can buy a pair and send them as a gift…too funny!  If you want to be a distributor or retailer, they provide discounts.  The company is located in the UK so I guess we need them here too, fart are everywhere. 



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