At Princeton, 8 cases of serogroup B meningococcal disease imagehave been reported so far and next week a vaccine that is not even approved for use in the US yet by the FDA will be made available.  Also in southern California there’s been a case at Cal State Long Beach reported in addition to the 4 cases in Santa Barbara.  The vaccine is used in Europe and in Australia to prevent the infection. 

One student in Santa Barbara had to have both feet amputated and he was a freshman football player. 

Sandoz Pharma is currently working on an all in all meningitis vaccine that would also target this strain and another pharma company is working on a vaccine just for this strain as well.  BD

Officials are suspending fraternity events and parties at UC Santa Barbara after a fourth student was diagnosed with the disease that causes meningitis.

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department announced the fourth case Monday. All four people became infected last month and one of the patients had to have both feet amputated, the Associated Press reported.

To avoid getting the illness, health officials advise such precautions as washing hands frequently, not sharing utensils or water bottles, staying home when sick, keeping away from others who are ill, and covering one's mouth when sneezing and coughing.,0,5809826.story#ixzz2mS0eCDxm


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