A “syndrome” it is and started from the top with trying old methodologies of hiding and the lack of transparency through all of this.  All you have to do is read the news and watch a couple sessions ofimage Congressional hearings and you get the picture, which is really sad.  This is why when it comes to tech heavy agencies like HHS, having just a mere “figurehead” running it is a huge exposure.  I could see that back in 2009 when I wrote my own commentary about picking “the smart people” and not just one more figurehead as we need them today.  What is really needed is the “logical thinking” of how data systems, code and IT works, and even if the person at the top has not physically done any coding, the logical thinking and not waiting for “Algorithm Fairies” nonsense won’t be there disrupting.  You do have to garner a chuckle and realize when under pressure this came out with the OIG now to do an investigation of the Healthcare. Gov process…how many experts do they have on board…yeah I know silly.  I said the extreme analytics and math models used by insurers would render her kind of on the bad end of the stick as she’s no competition and extremely gullible to what we have seen with Algo Duping.   Videos at that link shows you how this works with snowballing non digital folks, it’s done all the time, but we ate it this time. 

Sebelius Asks Inspector General To Review Healthcare.Gov, How Many JBoss, Red Hat, Linux, Oracle, MarkLogic And Other Experts Does OIG Have? Time Elements of Baking A Cake From Scratch With Writing Custom Code Was Just Not There..

At least now we have someone around in charge of the project with some “appropriate” logical thinking so those who have not been there and done that will be able to learn from Kurt DelBene.  It’s kind of sad too over in Oregon to see how that’s been reported too and there’s no winners here but everyone leaves out (imagewith a few exceptions) a good chunk of the story on how all the other bidding contractors took one look at how the Oregon Legislature used this as a chance to somewhat rewrite all their social services and integrate it into the exchange…and they nodded out, want no part of this mess and these folks are dreaming.  It all came down to money available and someone though this could be done in a single project swoop…not so.  It’s the same thing that Healthcare. Gov went through as they were duped and duped again, learning that software models as you would like them don’t always work that way in the real world as well as the time and money it takes. 

Head of Cover Oregon Insurance Exchange Taking Medical Leave of Absence While Work on The Site Continues with a December Target Date To Be Online…

What really made things tense too was when they lied their fannies off about the code not being done, and and most in tech pretty much were not surprised as those in charge were looking for Algorithms Fairies and you have the contractors in here too with a do or die situation knowing they would not be able to meet deadlines, but gosh wanted that money from the contracts.  Then you can go one level further with government pushing the deadlines and those at the top not getting the full picture with reality as the President said.  You can see in private industry below what happened when a CEO lied to share holders what happened, he got fired and lawsuits started coming. 

HHS/CMS Pulls An “Allscripts” Mistake–”Code’s Not Done With Healthcare.Gov”…And Did Anyone Look at the oracle and Microsoft “Turnkey” State Health Insurance Platforms…There’s a Time and Place for Open Source And The Insurance Exchanges Are Not It Right Now..

We can’t expect Kurt DelBene to offer a quick fix either but he has the “logical thinking” from many years at Microsoft to not be duped for sure.  That’s a huge plus with what we have been seeing for sure and why I came up with the name “Sebelius Syndrome” as that pretty much covers the duping that went on and sadly how and why she sucked much of it up as she’s contest for the math models and business intelligence of insurers and they played it to win as they know how to take the verbiage and create math models that find loopholes to run their code for profit.  What we are seeing here is massive collision of models and algorithms at the ACA is attempting to remove the segmentation models with risk assessments that insurers have used to profit as it’s the right ethical thing to do and of course they don’t like it as now they need new models and are hiring Quants like they are going out of style to see if they can come up with something new. 

If you scroll down and watch the 4 videos in the footer here, you’ll get a much better idea on the reality of how this works from folks that use to write models for profit with some of them and others that are experts in this area..it’s all math…running on servers 24/7 and you can see with the “Sebelius Syndrome” the algorithms won and we lost as they do what they are programmed to do so not much makes any difference until the models and algorithms get changed at at that level.  It’s the continuous rise and fall of the machines and Mr. DelBene lived and breathed this at Microsoft so again looking forward to some “real”analogies here and less duping, as Congress gets duped as well, just as bad as other entities. 

President Obama Extends Current Insurance Policies For A Year With Stipulations As Goes With The Continuous Rise and Fall of The Machines In Healthcare Just Like The Markets…And How Will Insurers Implement This Model?

And why were those turnkey platforms from Oracle and Microsoft never even mentioned…maybe it might come out in the wash, but it will be more “duped” stories that are part of the “Sebelius Syndrome”…maybe it’s  time for  DOJ and HHS using their wisdom to send out another letter telling hospitals and doctors they are all billing cheaters?  Perhaps we are getting closer to closing some of the digital illiteracies that exist out there with Mr. DelBene in charge?  Congress could sure use that Office of Technology Assessment as tool today.  BD 

Daily Show–Jon Stewart Takes on the Healthcare.Gov Website And My Questions On Why Were oracle and Microsoft “Turnkey” State Exchange Platforms Not Used or Mentioned–Could Have Saved Writing A Lot of Code

The White House just announced that it has named Kurt DelBene, former head of Microsoft’s Business Division, to oversee the government’s troubled Healthcare.gov website.

Microsoft announced DelBene’s plan to retire from that company in a reorganization memo circulated in July. He was named president of Microsoft’s Business Division in 2010.

“First, Kurt will provide management expertise, operations oversight, and critical advice on additional enrollment channels, field operations, marketing and communications. The President and I believe strongly in having one person, with strong experience and expertise in management and execution, who is thinking 24/7 about HealthCare.gov. Kurt’s leadership and management of HealthCare.gov will be in consultation with CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner and in partnership with the project’s general contractor, QSSI.



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