We don’t know much about Centrexion Corporation other than to know it has raisedimage several million.  Dr. Campbell is a professor of Neurological surgery at Johns Hopkins.  Stay tuned and from reading this article their efforts might be in the area of pain therapies, but don’t know for sure.  Since his retirement from Pfizer, Kindler has also joined a VC firm, Lux Capital.  BD 

A group of heavyweight biotech industry executives, including the former CEO of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc., have formed a new Baltimore biotech company.

Centrexion Corp. has raised a total of $23.4 million since its incorporation in February, according to recent Form D filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Harbor East-based company’s management team includes Jeffrey B. Kindler, the former CEO of Pfizer (NYSE: PFI); Dr. James N. Campbell; and Kerrie L. Brady.

Since retiring from Pfizer in 2010, Kindler has been an adviser to several venture capital firms. Campbell is the founder and CEO of Arcion Therapeutics, a Canton biotech company. Brady, Centrexion’s chief business officer, was chief operating officer at Arcion.



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