This is funny…and as usual he nails it…and has a card of congratulations ready to send!  His take on the back end is great…a frothy rectal juice….

Like I have said in earlier posts both government and consumers imageare getting a real cold hard lesson on the complexities of IT Infrastructures today. 

US Consumers and Government Are Learning a cold hard Reality Lesson About IT Infrastructure Complexities With Models and Algorithms Thanks to Health Insurance Exchanges

I kind of feel sorry for Rocky at the Cover Oregon exchange as his job was made harder by the legislature and due to folks not understanding the extra 9 months of code and the time it took to custom write it to check 1700 locations for eligibility versus 250-400 like most others, that added to their complexities.  When you read the news though and the interviews he has had it’s all the digital illits just looking at the fact that it was not done…and they were correct in holding off on the launch and I hope it goes well here in a couple of weeks. 

Head of Cover Oregon Insurance Exchange Taking Medical Leave of Absence While Work on The Site Continues with a December Target Date To Be Online…


Anyone think about hosting this “very important” program at the DOE?  You know they have the fastest computers in the world and bandwidth would never be a problem with the Cray and IBM top notch servers they have at the Sequoia Center…they already host other HHS programs..unless the DOE said we don’t want your nightmare up front (grin).  BD

Healthcare.Gov Getting a New Web Host, Moving From Verizon to HP, Site Has No Back Up, Sign Up for Small Business Gets a Year’s Delay


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