You may or may not be aware but the Serco US Office is a “contingency” contractor to help out with 3 mail warehouses with getting Health Insurance Exchanges up and and going and to perform some manual processes as needed.  Well where are they when it comes to getting 834 insurance data to insurers you could ask?  I  have not heard one word about what Serco is doing so far and I’m sure they are out there in some form or another.  imageSerco is a service company that provides contracted services of all types.  They were given the contract back in June of this year. 

Obama Administration Doles Out Yet One More Contract to Help With Eligibility Infrastructure And to Operate One Massive Mail Room-With Insurance Exchanges - Serco The Biggest Company You Have Never Heard Of

Meantime in the UK where their corporate offices are located it appears the fraud investigation uncovered some interesting facts and not too long ago the CEO of Serco in the UK resigned.

Serco CEO Resigns in Midst of UK Government Fraud Investigation, US CEO Assigned Responsibilities, Company Is Holder of One the HHS Health Insurance Exchange Contingency Contracts

The company is accused of bidding for the contracts and not providing the services as they undercut all to attain the contract.  Low bid is not always the best.  Serco also lost the contract for tagging prisoners who were in custody as well with the government.  Here we go with the data portion as they were tagging “dead” people and invoicing for it as well as tagging people who were physically in jail.  The tagging was supposed to be for those who were under a house arrest type of situation. 

Braintree Hospital is where the company was supposed to be improving the services for patients and it was not happening and at times only one doctor was there to see all patients who came in to the facility to what we would call emergency room care here in the US.  Investigation found that on over 200 occasions in 2012 that Serco has fiddled with figures that claimed 100% of the patients had face to face appointments within 60 minutes of their arrival when only 75% had. 

So what are they doing with HHS in providing “mail room” services?  Is this not a function of what they are supposed to do manually when the IT portions fail to get information needed for enrollees with insurance policies?  BD

Serco has agreed to the early termination of its contract for out-of-hours GP services in Cornwall after the company left the county short of doctors.

The embattled outsourcing company also said it would stop running Braintree hospital in Essex as it pulls out of managing GP services and large hospitals. It follows a review of Serco's healthcare operations.

On Thursday the company, along with G4S, was forced to hand over its electronic tagging contracts to rival Capita following fraud allegations over the way they charged the government.

Serco said the Cornwall and Braintree contracts and a loss-making agreement for community healthcare in Suffolk would cost it £17m in one-off charges.

The company said: "Serco has agreed with NHS Kernow to bring forward the end of its contract for GP out-of-hours services in Cornwall. Serco's operation of the contract to date has experienced some operational challenges."

The revelations triggered an inquiry by the parliamentary accounts committee. The committee said Serco's service was substandard and was highly critical of the company's treatment of whistleblowers.


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