This is a big one and you wonder if they are tired of the US Algorithm chase since that’s what seems to be driving the stock markets, everyone wants to get rich flipping algorithms out there.  Also in what I read it sees the US being a bit unstable with the way portfolios are managed.

About five employees will stay on to manage the current portfolio of 45 companies. image Sweden thinks very differently than does the US in many areas including healthcare and financials.  Just this week a Nobel prize winner stated he’s not posting any of his studies in the journals any longer as he’s disgusted with the lack of honest and value. 

Tangibles versus intangibles are out of balance in the US and we have news articles filled with some new Algorithm Facebook created or some new fitness device that shows up to make you healthier it says while it mines and sells your data.  Granted intangibles have value but they are way over stated with a lot of what comes out of Silicon Valley today as far as having value.  Enterprise business is different as you getting support there and not some new social network or mobile payment app.  Anyway, interesting on what this company is doing.  BD 

The program in question is Investor Growth Capital, which has invested more than $3 billion into over 250 technology and healthcare companies since being founded in 1996. Most of that activity has been in the U.S., where its deals have include Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ), MedImmune, Guavus and Rocket Lawyer.

"Investor AB decided back in January that it no longer wanted to focus on VC deals in the U.S.," says a source familiar with the situation. "There was some talk of the team trying to raise a fund from third parties, but it didn't ultimately happen. Going forward, Investor AB wants its U.S. deals to look like most of the deals it does in Europe, which means control-focused private equity rather than minority investments in expansion-stage companies."


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